iPhone car charger

Dose car charger make adverse impact on iPhone

Car charger is a device used frequently, then onu mall will explain for those wondering whether car charger make adverse impact on iPhone or not.
There is substantially no adverse impact for iPhone car charger.Why?Car charger is one of auto accessories charging digital products at any time in order to facilitate vehicle owners to use. Some high-end iPhone car charger typically includes two USB ports, which can simultaneously charge two digital products. These products generally feature overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection to ensure safe use to realize iPhone car charger direct charging, USB charging and triple multi-use while being charged in the car.
The voltage outputted by iPhone car charger is typically 5V transferred from 12v-24v and limiting current is 500mAh, for those knock offs without protection function, the circuit has many flaws, if the buck and current limiting circuit fails, it will lead to 12-volt direct accessing to the phone, resulting the iPhone  burned. It is recommended to use the the original iPhone car charger after car inverter volt rising to 220.
Conventional car charger powered by car battery (car 12V, trucks 24V) is widely used by a variety of portable, rechargeable handheld devices equipped with lithium battery, such as: mobile phone, PDA, GPS, etc; car charger do not only consider the actual demand (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, OVP OVP) on lithium batteries, but take into account the harsh environment of automotive batteries (transient voltage spikes, the system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.); therefore Power Management IC of car charger program must be switching power supply chip featuring with high pressure, high efficiency, high reliability, low frequency (in favor of EMI design).

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iPhone car charger

How to pick up a safe iPhone car charger preferred

1,the iPhone car charger must be equipped with 12V input fuse installed
Bluetooth Car Charger with Stereo MP3 Player
2,the iPhone car charger with 5V output overvoltage protection would not lead to the unexpected iPhone shorted
3, the current output capacity of the iPhone car charger reaches truly 2A
4, if the level voltage is lower than 11.2V voltage, 5V output is cut off, please do not access to the external power supply
Car-Charger (4) 
5,12V input is able to withstand high-voltage 80V  transient (car tend to activate an instant 80V  high-pressure for the automotive ignition)
6, just do not be tempted by brand new iPhone car charger, you shall mind the internal circuitry and components,those with following features must be not disappointed.
with the fuse,those without the fuse will result in short circuit
with the output current of 2A in case of very slow charging
with low-voltage, overheating and overcurrent,otherwise, it would be easily  damage to the iPhone car battery
with 5V voltage output protection preventing the iPhone or electronic device from being damaged
with flying leads on  the internal PCB of  iPhone car charger no problem are unreliable
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iPhone car charger

What shall you mind when using a iPhone car charger

first of all,we have to figure out what the difference between the car charger and common charger is , the fundamental difference between them is basically the plug – car charger  plug is specifically linked with cigarette lighter in the car (usually in the cab and luggage box)
The other end of the car charger is specifically designed with the USB port  the cell phone or other digital devices can be connected to.Which data lines connected to the car charger  depends on which digital device you use.
Take the iPhone car charger for example,The iPhone car charger does not properly work unless the LED indicator lights is lighting up unless the LED indicator lights is lighting up.
Note that, do not charge the iPhone until the car engine is started! Otherwise, when the car is ignited, the reduction in voltage  of iPhone car battery will make a adversely affect on the charging effect, or even damage the car charger.
Furthermore,do not place the iPhone car charger to moisture or high temperature environments, the use of a suitable temperature is 0-45 ℃;
There will be some heat during use,be sure not exceed 60 ℃ in normal room temperature;
Since various types of iPhone are different, the charging time is inconsistent, it has nothing to do with the charging performance of car charger;
Keep away from children;
Avoid lightning;
Promptly pull the plug when the iPhone car charger is fully charged, careful not to dirty the USB interface, remove the installed car charger and put it away when not in use.
So, for safety reasons, be sure to buy the regular brand, buy genuine, inferior iPhone car charger prone to security risks. Also in the use of time, please do follow the instructions to correct method of packaging in the corresponding.
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